Wednesday 11 February 2015

Top 10 Songs Chosen By Miguel Chen (Teenage Bottlerocket)

  Following on from yesterday's update, Teenage Bottlerocket bassist Miguel Chen has kindly provided a list of his top 10 songs of all time (although as he says "Not sure if it's my top 10 of all time, because that changes a lot but I'd say this is a top 10 of part recent, part of all time").

  As mentioned yesterday, Teenage Bottlerocket's new album, Tales From Wyoming, is due out on Rise Records at the end of March and the band are going to be touring round the U.S. and Europe between March 8-May 10.

  Here's Miguel's picks......

 1) Nofx - Leave It Alone
     (see below)

 2) Rudimentary Peni - Sacrifice

 3) Ramones - Poison Heart 

 4) Flock Of Seagulls - Telecommunication

 5) The Spits - All I Want

 6) When In Rome - The Promise

 7) Green Day - She

 8) Lagwagon - May 16

 9) Iron Chic - Cutesy Monster Man

10) Tony Sly - Via Munich

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