Thursday 12 February 2015

Top 10 Songs As Chosen By No Love

  With a couple of their songs already featured in this blog I don't think it's any great secret that i rate Raleigh, North Carolina's, No Secret as one of the best new bands around. If you've not discovered them yet, head over to their bandcamp and treat yourselves...... .

  Do you want to know what their influences are? Vocalist Elizabeth Lynch was kind enough to chase up her band mates and collect a top 10 of their favourite songs. She commented "We decided on doing 2 songs each of songs/artists with "no" in them because we have a hard time agreeing on things."

  Thanks guys........

 1) Seth :
     Hasil Adkins - No More Hot Dogs
     (see below)

 2) Mannequin Pussy - Terror, No!

    Elizabeth :
 3)  No Hope For The Kids - Angels Of Destruction

 4) Bratmobile - No You Don't

     Dave :
 5) Mountain Goats - No Children

 6) Shards - Suicide

     Daniel :
 7) The Big Boys - No

 8) Judgement - No Reason Why

     Osamu :
 9) Elvis Costello - No Action

10) Crude - No One Gave The Right Answer (I'm not sure if this is the correct song but if not it's as close as I can track down!)

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