Monday 16 February 2015

Moral Crux - 1977-1997

No Clash, Ramones or Sex Pistols.........

  Moral Crux formed in Ephrata, Washington, in 1983 and the original line up featured James Farris (vocals), Jeff Jenkins (guitar), Justin Warren (bass) and Jody Kimmell (drums). They're often classed as pop punk  but stand out from many of their contemporaries due to their intelligent, and often political lyrics. 1987 saw them release a self titled debut album, this was followed up by The Side Effects Of Thinking and ...And Nothing But The Truth but their big breakthrough came in 1994 with an appearance on a Ben Weasel compilation for Lookout Records called Punk USA and the release of album number 4, I Was A Teenage Teenager. Further albums followed, Something More Dangerous (1998) and Pop Culture Assassins (2003).

  It's been a long wait but they've a new ep due out on Mooster Records. They still feature James Farris and Jeff Jenkins but are now rounded out by Jamie Jaspers (bass) and Scott Rozell (drums). You can hear a song from it here :

  The song I'm posting will be familiar even to those of you that haven't heard Moral Crux before (if there is any such person reading this blog). This is 1977-1997......

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