Sunday 13 September 2015

The Okmoniks - Teenage Timebomb

 The Okmoniks formed in Tucson, Arizona around the turn of the Millennium but moved to their current location of San Francisco in 2009. Fuelled with the love of a long list of bands that played garage rock n roll (a list that includes The Cramps, The Mummies, The Sonics, The Bobbyteens, Thee Headcoates, Reatards etc....) they're a rock band that make you want to dance.

   In-Fi Records released a string of 7"'s : Take A Spin With The Okmoniks , Rustle Up Some Action With The Okmoniks and Compact 33 but their only album to date, Party Fever!!! came out in 2008 on Slovenly. You can check it out here :

  The line up currently features married couple Helene 33 (vocals/organ) and Sam Claiborne (guitar) as well as Trent Pardy (bass) and Justin Champlin (drums). Some of you might know Champlin better as Nobunny .

  It's been a few years now since they released any new music but they're still gigging occasionally. Arguably the highpoint of their catalogue and taken from the fantastic Party Fever!!! album, this is the highly infectious and very danceable Teenage Timebomb.......

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