Tuesday 15 September 2015

Dirt - Mother

   Back in the mists of time when I was an impressionable young lad, a lot of my beliefs and ideals were formed by listening to music. I like to think that punk helped give me a conscience and taught me to ask questions about the world I lived in. One such band that had an impact, though I didn't agree with them on everything, were Crass. They weren't scared to preach their ideals and had a massive influence on a generation of like minded kids, many of whom formed bands themselves to get their own messages across. One of those bands are featured today.

  Dirt (Death Is Reality Today), formed in 1980 by Gary Buckley and Deno, were an anarcho punk band that combined the energy of the punk movement with their own anti authoritarian ideals to create an exciting addition to the wave of new acts that for a brief moment in time were seen as a genuine threat by the media and by the type of people in high places that prefer the general public to be rather more docile and conformist.

  The band in those early days also featured Fox (drums), Vomit (bass), Mo (guitar) and Lou (rhythm guitar) though there would be numerous line up changes and the band split and reformed several times.

  The song I'm posting was originally intended to be a single but wasn't released until it appeared in 1996 on the Black And White compilation, it's called Mother.....

You bore me once,
You gave me life,
You gave me freedom.

But now like ropes,
You have me bound,
With love I not wish to have.

You make me hate,
My will you take,
Give me identity,
I drown in the crowd,
Give me identity,
Do not be proud.

You forced me out,
Into this gutless world.
You dragged me from your womb.

Who gave you the right?
I was fine where I was.

Now look what you have created,
A selfish a gutless afterbirth,
With no reason,
No purpose,
No future.

You give me kindness,
I give you treason,
You ask for honesty,
I ask for reason,
You take my hand,
I take your life.

The clock is turned
you no longer have earned
The right of my obedience

Once you've gone
Nothing can go wrong,
I'm free,
I'm living,
I'm dead.

Oh mother
Oh mother
Oh mother

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