Wednesday, 23 September 2015

The Fuck Off And Dies - Time Traveling

  The Fuck Off And Dies are 3 potty mouthed party animals from Saint Louis, Missouri, who started a band as an excuse to get drunk more often.

  Playing fun, up tempo pop punk that's got a hardcore edge to it, they got together around 6 years ago. They feature vocalist/guitarist Dan Marsala (who's also a member of Story Of The Year), bassist/vocalist Mark Attack and drummer Black Out Down.

  December 2011 saw them release their debut album, Songs In The Key Of Fuck, whilst the Young Punks/Old Drunks ep surfaced in 2014. A couple of months back they released their second long player, Dear Liver. You can check them all out here :

  They don't need no fucking Delorean, they're fucking partying. This is Time Travelling......

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