Saturday, 26 September 2015

The Fallout - Talkin' Punk Rock Civil War

  The Fallout are a politically charged punk rock band from Toronto, Canada. They claim a kinship with bands like Stiff Little Fingers, The Jam, D.O.A., Moral Crux etc, all bands that play with a similar upbeat tempo and who've penned many a socially concious song between them.

  If they sound like your cup of tea (and to be honest, if they don't why are you reading this blog?), there's a great back catalogue of their music awaiting your attention here : 

  The song I'm posting today can be found on 2004's Turning Revolution Into Money album and it's a rallying call for you all to get out into your local community and make a change by getting involved. If all you do is sing along at the shows of your favourite bands, nothing is ever going to change for the better, it's actions not words that'll bring about a revolution. Starting off with a Woody Guthrie soundbite, this is Talkin' Punk Rock Civil War.......

"Now, boys, you've come to the hardest time.
The boss will try to bust your picket line.
He'll call out the police, the National Guard,
They'll tell you it's a crime to have a union card.
They'll raid your meetin', they'll hit you on the head,
They'll call every one of you a goddam red,
Unpatriotic, Japanese spies, sabotaging national defense!

That if you don't let red-baiting break you up,
And if you don't let stoolpigeons break you up,
And if you don't let vigilantes break you up,
And if you don't let race hatred break you up,
You'll win. What I mean, take it easy, but take it!"

Please don’t get excited cause I’m not keeping score
of the chances you’ve blown and opportunities ignored
to help the ones you love and say you care for
while you talk righteously all about it

And it ain’t getting better in fact it’s getting worse
poor are getting poorer the meek inheriting the earth
while here in the America’s we’re still giving birth
to the notion we’re all created equal

Now I don’t think you understand what you’re fighting for
Our music, poetry and politics don’t lead to a cure
We need more than talkin” punk rock civil war

Please don’t take me wrong, don’t get pissed off
but the injustice and violence that you think you can stop
continues everyday as we sing our protest songs

Talk without action produces no results
self-gratifying lifestyles removing any doubt
the chimes of freedom have long wrung out
in a world where direct action counts


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