Wednesday 9 September 2015

The Business - Welcome to the Real World

  As a thank you for an act of kindness I asked Angelo Ruggiero (resident of Caracas, Venezuela and author of this cool blog :  if he'd like to choose today's song and this was his reply..... "Late in the 1990s I visited London and I discovered on a comp CD the Business and the Special Duties. Business' Welcome To The Real World LP is one of my faves. The Special Duties were really great too."

This one's for you mate.......

  The Business have been playing their working class anthems since 1979. I first became aware of them when adding their excellent Harry May single to a record collection that was threatening to take over a teenage punk fan's bedroom. One of the best of the many Oi bands of the time they've also proved to be one of the more enduring.

  I featured them a while back in an update that you can check out here : so I'll just crack on and introduce today's song. The title track of their 1988 album, this is Welcome To The Real World.....

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