Wednesday 16 September 2015

Dirt Box Disco - Guest List


  Burton On Trent isn't somewhere that you'd automatically associate with punk rock but the Staffordshire town is currently home to one of the U.K. punk scenes leading lights. Dirt Box Disco are certainly one of the most colourful and entertaining bands around. With a mission statement to "spread sonic filth to anyone who'll listen" I think they're long overdue a place in this blog.

  They line up like this; Weab.I.Am. (vocals), Spunk Volcano (guitar), Danny Fingers (lead guitar), Maff Fazzo (drums) and Deadbeatz Chris (bass). They've released 4 albums of gleefully politically incorrect , singalong punk, on STP Records ( Legends, Peoplemadeofpaper, Bloonz and Only In For The Money). There's also an album called Injection that was released last year by guitarist Spunk Volcano with his band The Eruptions.

  The future of UK punk? Who knows. Bloody good fun? Definitely. Here's the latest video from their new album, it's called Guest List......


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