Thursday 30 September 2021

cutters - Midnight Bus


Me and my baby, we left on the midnight bus

  Yay! A nice surprise. It's been less than 4 months since Melbourne punks cutters ( released their excellent Australian War Crimes ep (How do I know it was excellent? Because the folk in the chatroom when I played tracks from it on the Just Some Punk Songs show kept telling me it was) but they've just popped up with a new track.

This time tomorrow he'll be mine

  It's a cover of a song written by John D Loudermilk
 which was a big hit in Australia for Betty McQuade

We fell out and had an awful fuss

  cutters' take on the song is unsurprisingly the most raucous version. To my ears it's almost veering off into garage punk territory (in the way that Mark E Smith did with a few of the more ramshackle Fall covers). It's might fine indeed and you can snap it up here : 

He's gone, my baby's gone and I'm alone

  It's called Midnight Bus... 

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