Tuesday 14 September 2021

Resin - Bad Day (Guest Review By Ralph J Rivera)


  Ralph returns today with a noisy recommendation...

 Well it's been a bit since I decided to do a proper review for any new records because pretty much this Summer was lame. A bunch of older bands we ALL know putting out the same old, same old. BUT this week opened up a floodgate of new Punk bands dropping quality music!

  I have to mention an amazing tape comp. that just came out on 9/11 on No Label called "Between The Coasts" that features the best up and coming Punk Bands from the Midwest, USA.   https://nolabel3.bandcamp.com/album/between-the-coasts I discovered MANY new faves on this one so check that out also (it's available as a name your price download).

  But the band I'm writing about are called RESIN. A new band based out of Los Angeles, California that check all the appropriate boxes! Completely ruthless Modern Day Punk Rock that wears it's "Poison Idea/the Germs" influences proudly! They have TWO amazing demos out on 1753 Recordings (both also name your price) the newest of which is "Bad Trip, Bad Day". I LOVE when new bands can just make me wanna slam dance all over my apartment! These guys bring the "Old School" heat and I'm seriously looking forward to a full length sometime in the future! I'm gonna leave it up to Mick to chose a song to feature because HONESTLY! - I LOVE EVERY SONG on these demos! Listen! Enjoy!

  This track is called Bad Day... 

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