Saturday 11 September 2021

Bad Anxiety - Police


  Hattiesburg, Mississippi seems to be a hotbed of noisy, rough around the edges punk rock. I've featured Judy And The Jerks several times on here ( and Hampton Martin from that band is behind a new hardcore punk solo project called Bad Anxiety. 

  He's introduced his new endeavour by way of a debut Demonstration ep. There's 100 copies available (Blue cassette tape in white case. Includes lyric insert and bonus song) via local DIY label Earth Girl Tapes and you can also grab it as a name your price download :

  I think I've mentioned previously that I'm a bit fussy when it comes to hardcore punk. I like my music to have a bit of a tune that I can hang my hat on and these songs happily fall into that category. They're also fast, aggressive and everything else hardcore fans look for. Written during a period of lockdown isolation, the ep's a blast. 

  This is my highlight, it's called Police...

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