Monday 6 September 2021

J Prozac - Toothless Wonder


  J Prozac ( is no stranger to Just Some Punk Songs, he even wrote and performed the Just Some Punk Songs theme tune! ( He returns today with a song from a very cool split 7" single which has been produced in collaboration with fellow JSPS regulars Jeffrey Thunders And The Scabs.  

  It's a release that both acts bring their A game to. It's a 4 track ep titled Cheers To The End. A couple of songs by each band of snappy punk rock lovingly pressed on brightly coloured vinyl (307 copies : 42 Blue Splatter, 58 Black, 97 Red, 82 Yellow & 28 Transitional Variants). You can get them from Die Hipster! & Ratgirl Records, more details and digital downloads here :

  Jeff & The Scabs contribute a couple of killer straight up punk n roll jams in his traditional Dead Boys/Heartbreakers/New York Dolls style. Whilst talking about them I'll point you in the direction of another new song they've just released (which I'll play on next week's show) :

  As for Jay, he's joined this time around by former Prozacs drummer Glenn Robinson (aka Pavid Vermin : Together they serve up a very catchy pair of tunes. The track you'll find below was originally written by Jay for his buddies Color Killer (check it out here : but he loved it so much he's re recorded it. This is Toothless Wonder... 

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