Tuesday 21 September 2021

Slalom D - Images Of Joy


  Some of you may remember that last November I posted a song (https://justsomepunksongs.blogspot.com/2020/11/slalom-d-final-girl.html) by Sunderland 4 piece Slalom D (https://www.facebook.com/stopstartstop). Titled Final Girl, it was about survival and hanging on in there and I'm pleased that it's managed to hang on in there and reappear on the band's new album. 

  The album is called Happy Skies and I'm pleased to report that there's plenty of other songs on it that are as good. Unlike many a punk album, most of the tracks run past the 3 minute mark but as a testament to how good they are, none seem overlong. It's an enjoyable and consistent listen with highlights aplenty. You can contact the band on Facebook if you want a cd or visit Bandcamp for the digital version : https://slalomd2.bandcamp.com/album/happy-skies 

  My favourite track? A tricky one as there's a few that are stuck in my head but I have to select one so I'm going with Images Of Joy... 

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