Thursday 2 September 2021

Blemish - You Look Like A Cop


  Blemish are Gustavo, Katia, Lisa & Rick and they've just released a 7 track cassette on Tunisian label A World Divided. There's 100 copies so if you want one, don't hang around. 

  I don't know anything about them other than that 3 of the songs originally appeared last year as part of Demo Fest 2020 ( so I'm going to have to talk a little bit about their music (which I usually try to avoid as I'm useless about describing why I like something, it's much easier to just say it's good and give you various bits of info on the band!). 

  To my ears, they take inspiration from early 80's UK punk (Riot City Records etc) and mix in some darkly gothic undertones. It all adds up to a very pleasing sound. I'm not sure if it's Katia or Lisa on vocal duties but she makes an impressive fist of things, the rest of the band are no slouches either with an urgent and very listenable backbeat. All the songs are winners so go check them out...  

  This track is called You Look Like A Cop... 

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