Saturday 25 September 2021

Capgun Heroes - That Girl (Guest Review By Ralph J Rivera)


  Another recommendation by Ralph today...

 Well one of the most anticipated albums in the Pop Punk scene finally dropped this Friday. Has it lived up to expectations? You better believe it! Following in a long standing tradition of remarkable bands that have come out of the Chicago "Punk" scene, Capgun Heroes (Joe Capgun (vocals), Matt Cappy (guitar), Andy Hero (guitar), Nick Hero (guitar), Jimmy C. (bass), and Scotty (drums) have written a debut lp that somehow embraced ALL those influences into an album that they can be damn proud of.

 From flat out scorchers like "Lobotomy", the obvious hit song "That Girl" and if they weren't personally trying to get my approval - covering my favorite Ramones cover ever with "Do You Wanna Dance" and hitting that sweet spot that makes us ALL wanna hit the dance floor. This album pretty much touches on all aspects of our music. You got some Melodic type songs, some Street Punk type songs and the catchy as Hell Pop Punk songs. This is DEFINITELY gonna be up there in my end of the year Top 10.

 I gotta tell you if you love this album - check out their debut EP also because that's what put these guys on my radar and those are also 5 of the catchiest Pop Punk songs you'll ever hear. 

  The album is called Last Call For Adderall and it's available on coloured vinyl & cd from Hey Pizza Records : and it's available digitally here :

  I'm not gonna rock the boat, I'll just go with the video for "That Girl" because it's just that friggin' good!...

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