Sunday 5 September 2021

The Bollweevils - Black Hole in My Mind


  I've mentioned several times in the past that my favourite ever pop punk album is Death By Television by The Lillingtons. It's an album I raved about a few years ago when I did a guest review for Faster And Louder ( An album choc full of pretty much perfect punk songs. Today I'm featuring a cover of one of the best. 

  Hailing from Chicago, Illinois, The Bollweevils have been around (on and off) since 1989 and have racked up a pretty impressive back catalogue of songs that could be tagged as pop punk but skirt nearer the punk end of the spectrum than the pop end. Part of the reasons for the band dropping off the radar a few times is that vocalist Daryl Wilson became a emergency room doctor and much of his time has been taken up working on the frontline. 

  As has become a habit with the band though, they've recently raised their heads above the parapet and not only have they announced they'll be playing at Riot Fest and The Fest, they've also released a new single. It's titled Liniment And Tonic, it's their first new material for 6 years and it's available via Red Scare Industries. You can find it here : 

  Whilst the title track is an ode to Daryl's day job, the flip makes a very decent fist of covering a classic. This is Black Hole In My Mind... 

They used to call me Captain Scott
I used to be an astronaut
Put me on a rocket into space
And now I'm lost without a trace

And now I'm really out of sight
And now nothing's gonna be all right

My life has been a waste of time
I've got a black hole in my mind...

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