Monday 27 September 2021

Pep Talk - Sleepwalk Girl


  Another one from Hey Pizza Records today. 

  Pep Talk ( are from New York and line up with Rocky, Rookie, Guli, Azeem & Grivet who are also members of The Young Rochelles, New Rochelles, Sketchy and Weird Skin (and have previously been in the likes of The Steinways, House Boat, Isotopes etc...).

  Last month they released an ep titled Next To Me which was a teaser for their upcoming album. Titled Live, Laugh, Lobotomy, that album is out now on various coloured vinyl, cd and digital download. You can snap it up here : and here (digitally) :

    The album is a mighty fine debut, 14 tracks of upbeat Ramones influenced pop punk with hooks aplenty. If you like your punk music to be more infectious than Covid then you'll love it. They've just released a video so I'll feature that today. This is Sleepwalk Girl... 

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