Thursday 23 September 2021

OC Rippers - Eyes Of Satan


  A raucous cover for you today of a song originally released by Cleveland, Ohio punk legends The Pagans (check out the original version here : 

  OC Rippers are from Beachwood, New Jersey and earlier this year released a very fine album called Wasteland Blues. A song from it and accompanying write up by Ralph J Rivera featured here :

  The band are back with 3 more tracks of energetic, sleazy punk n roll in the form of the Born To Fuck (Fall '21 Demo) and as with the album, it's an excellent listen. HI octane, bad taste rock at it's finest, you can get it here :

  This is The Pagans cover. It's not always easy to do justice to a song by what many people consider to be one of the classic bands in the genre but OC Rippers knock it out of the park. This is Eyes Of Satan... 

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