Tuesday 28 September 2021

Austerity - Am I Trending Yet


  A song today that went down very well with the listeners in the chatroom on this week's show. They seemed especially keen on the lyrics. 

  Austerity (https://www.facebook.com/austeritypunk) are a three piece post-punk / dance-punk band from Brighton. They want to make nerds dance and we want to make punks join unions. They list amongst their influences the likes of XTC, Scritti Politti and Wire and are often compared to Gang of Four, A Certain Ratio and Fugazi. I played a couple of tracks from their excellent 2019 album Anarcho Punk Dance Party on the show but this is their first time on here. 

  A couple of months ago they released a song about social media commentary and how the likes of Katie Hopkins can make cash from spewing out mock outrage which is lapped up as fact by the easily led ("What do you pay to see them get outraged every day? What will we pay, dividing our nation every day?"). It's not without humour but is also biting and sadly all to true. It features Rhi Kavok from Gulls on backing vocals. You can find it here :   https://austeritypunk.bandcamp.com/track/am-i-trending-yet

  It's called Am I Trending Yet... 


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