Saturday, 2 October 2021

DJ Paula Frost - Sex Pistols VS Ramones Remix


  Something a little different today...

  I'm guessing if you're reading this you may have heard of an obscure old English band called The Sex Pistols? The more adventurous of you might even have stumbled across a band from all the way over in America called The Ramones. Not much information is to be found about either band on in the internet so I'll quickly jump to the song I'm featuring today.

  Paula Frost is a London dj who's influenced by the likes of The Prodigy, DJ Shadow, Shy FX & Underworld and who has toured New Zealand, Japan, Italy, Vietnam, Cambodia, Russia and Croatia. She's worked with Tippa Irie, played Rebellion online festival and supported rock duo Slaves. She's is set to support Ska legends Los Fastidios in Italy for their 30th Anniversary. Her debut EP 'Orbit' was released on Glasstone Records in 2020 and a debut album titled Mesmeric Soundsystem is due for release later this year. Also upcoming is a new single called Warfare (Crass Remix). 


  She's mixed a couple of songs together, Pretty Vacant and Blitzkrieg Bop. When I was sent the track my first thought was "This is probably going to be a bit naff." But I was wrong. She's done a good job. The end result being a fresh and worthwhile mash up which works well. 

  It's accompanied by a rather fun video which features a couple of legendary figures from back in the day, Glen Matlock and Ed Tudorpole. 

  If you're like me, you may be approaching this with trepidation but I think you'll enjoy it (feel free to let me know)...

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