Sunday, 10 October 2021

Cherry Cheeks - Alone


  Cherry Cheeks is a project started in 2020, in Orlando, by Kyle Harms (he's since relocated to Portland). Born out of boredom & frustration, we've been blessed with a slew of very decent eps in a short spell of time (check 'em out here : Playful and inventive budget priced synth punk that might have once been tagged as Devocore but is more likely to be filed under egg punk nowadays.

  The most recent release, a Self Titled album, came out last month on Total Punk. On it, Kyle is joined by Kyle Elferdink on lead guitar. I was impressed with the 3 songs that are streaming on Bandcamp and with the one posted to Youtube ( but it wasn't till the weekend just gone that I had the pleasure of sitting down and enjoying the full record. Unsurprisingly, it's excellent. Brimming over with invention, full of catchy tunes and all in all a top listen. You can grab it here : (vinyl, cd or digital

  It's hard to choose a track to highlight as they're all of a similar high standard but I'm going with something that isn't on Bandcamp yet. This song displays some hardcore influences and some cool guitar playing to compliment the synth. It's called Alone...

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