Friday, 15 October 2021

Wonk Unit (featuring Isaac Holman) - Disco Fever


  Only a week left to wait now until the release of the highly anticipated new album by London's finest, Wonk Unit ( It'll be titled Uncle Daddy and it'll be available next Friday from Plasterer Records (UK), Kidnap Records (Germany) and Rad Girlfriend Records (USA). You can pre order the vinyl version here : 

  We've already been drip fed a few singles so we know it's going to be a very fine album indeed but if you want that little bit more confirmation then here's one last teaser. This time around the band are commenting on lad culture. It's Friday night and the boys are back in town busting out a few moves on the dancefloor. Just don't get in their way. 

  We also get a guest appearance from Isaac Holman who'll you know from Slaves ( (and who's now  going solo under the name Baby Dave; debut single here 

  Accompanied by a video in which we're treated to some top notch dance moves, this is Disco Fever...  

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