Wednesday, 20 October 2021

Abrazos - Dying In Denial


  A marriage made in heaven today as south coast hardcore punks Abrazos ( team up with Scottish anarcho-punk duo Brain Anguish ( to release a new 7 track split ep titled We're Still Angry All The Time. 

  Featuring 5 tracks by Abrazos and a couple by Brain Anguish, it's getting a vinyl release and you can snap up a copy here :

  You may have already heard the Brain Anguish songs as I've featured them previously : 

  Abrazos, who feature members of bands such as Hack Job, Armoured Flu Unit, The Officials, The Shorts etc, have also appeared a couple of times so it's easier to share the links than write their info again

  Still angry all the time is a good summation of the ep and Abrazos kick off proceedings by asking why are you not angry too. They also deal with like minded people coming together with a common bond to create music but also go onto mention that not everyone in the punk scene practices what they preach. They finish their section of the ep off with a powerful look at animal rights (or the lack of). There's a song about hunting and one about keeping animals caged for vivisection. This is the latter, it's called Dying In Denial...   

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