Sunday, 24 October 2021

Finale - Loco Loco


  Tune in later today to this week's Just Some Punk Songs show (details : as there'll be lots of great new releases by bands you know and love AND by band's that may be new to you. 

 One of the band's that are new to me are Finale ( They're a quartet from Valencia (Oliver, Javato, Nick & Pepe) who's sound is quite aptly described as organized recklessness. I was going to make a similar description and call them gloriously chaotic. They've been compared with the likes of The Consumers and The Coneheads. Their riffs are frantic, their vocals shouty, you can check out their 2019 Demo and their debut album Visión de futuro here :

  December 3rd will see them release a new ep. Titled 225 o.p.m. it'll be out on Slovenly Recordings ( 

  There's a video available for one of the tracks. It's a blast. It's for a song called Loco Loco. Check it out... 

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