Friday, 29 October 2021

Boss - Cash 'Em In


  Anyone fancy a song by a group comprised of Jonah Falco from Fucked Up & Career Suicide on vocals, Maxime Smadja from Rixe on guitar, Charlie Manning Walker from Chubby And The Gang, Crown Court & The Chisel on guitar and Nicholas Sarnella from Crown Court & The Chisel on drums? You do, that's great. Read on. 

  Boss also feature Amaury Benitez on bass but try as I might I can't track down any other bands he's been in! (Edit : I got a reply from Static Shock "Amaury occasionally plays in Rixe and also another band called Trap, although I think they might have broken up now.")

  They released a very decent single titled Steel Box back in 2018 ( I played the excellent flip side I'm The Dog (You're The Ball) on the Just Some Punk Songs show. 

  I thought the single might have been a one off, especially given the recent success of Chubby And The Gang (and the imminent success of The Chisel once their upcoming Retaliation album drops (, but happily that isn't the case. 

  They're about to release a follow up in the form of the Cash 'Em In single. It'll be out on Static Shock Records on December 3rd. Get in quick if you want to pre order the limited edition coloured 7" vinyl (red or white and they're nearly sold out).

  Mixing early UK punk with glam rock n roll, this is the title track, it's a fuckin' bovver rock beaut. It's called Cash 'Em In... 

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  1. Those fellas from Crown Court really get busy with some side projects eh? Their side projects are def pretty much more retro and musical than hard street punk / Oi from C Court. More late 70s glam rock and punk orientated. Great stuff though. Cheers for sharing