Monday, 25 October 2021

Vista Blue - Ya Bang!


  Halloween is creeping up on us which means there's a new themed Vista Blue ( release to enjoy. This years creepy treat is a 4 track ep titled New Nightmares and the songs are inspired by a quartet of horror movies; Halloween III, Candyman, Terror Train & Friday the 13th VI. 

  As always with the Nashville power pop outfit what we get is a very catchy collection of songs and you can get the ep as a name your price download here :

  If that isn't enough, There's also a Vista Blue cd called Punching In available on back from the dead label Mutant Pop and you can find details of that here : 

  This track is the Friday the 13th VI inspired one, or to be more specific it's inspired by the cop in that movie who has a laser scope that he says he's been dying to use. He says, "Wherever the red dot goes... ya bang!" It's one of the most famous and cheesiest quotes from the series and there's a clip of the scene here :

  A fun love song, this is Ya Bang! 

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