Thursday, 28 June 2018

The Terrorsurfs - Surf Burger


  Hotter than hell here today. The UK's been so hot this week that even Saddleworth Moor, usually a place shrouded in gloom and mist has seen fires breaking out everywhere. So I think all this sun is deserving of something appropriate, something like the surf sounds served up by The Terrorsurfs.

  The band hail from that famous beach resort of Birmingham! (I think the only previous UK surf band I've posted on here were The Atoms and they come from another place known for it's golden beaches and impressive waves.....Derby!!!). Anyway, their new album features a line up of El Guapo (guitar), TT Shaker (drums), Bamalam (bass) and The Reverend Tonto (more guitars) though tragically the drummer recently passed away after a hard fought battle with cancer.  According to Bandcamp, all members contribute various shouting, screaming, grunting & yelling but the order of the day is mainly instrumental, garage punk influenced surf tuneage. Members also play in a covers band called S Punk 7.

  El Guapo and TT Shaker released a couple of albums on Wild Records as The Terrorsaurs ( before expanding into the Terrorsurfs, moving to surf label Sharawaji Records and releasing firstly 2016's Zomboid Surf Attack album and then recent follow up Mutant Surfin' Trash. Check them out here :

  This is off the new album, perfect for this unusually hot summer, it's called Surf Burger....

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  1. Wukkin FUNDERFULL (Y) Cramps meets Dick Dale!