Tuesday 12 August 2014

The Dwarves - Sluts of the USA

I've been doing this blog as a labour of love, posting songs which I think are great and deserve shouting about, since the arse end of 2013. In that time the song that has received the most views is a cover of The Dwarves' One Time Only by The Holograms. I'm not sure why (maybe it's because The Dwarves are young and good looking) but it's had over twice as many hits as any other song. So although I usually try to post songs by lesser well known bands and steer away from the giants of punk rock, today I'm shamelessly chasing visitors and hoping lightning strikes twice.

I don't really need to write much of an intro about The Dwarves as I'm sure anyone who loves punk is already familiar with them but I'll mention that they're currently based in San Francisco, they comprise of a multitude of band members (including one of the best vocalists in the business in Blag Dahlia) and they've released some excellently subversive punk n roll records that you should check out... http://thedwarves.bandcamp.com/   (though I'm sure most of you already have). This month sees the release of their excellent new album, The Dwarves Invented Rock 'n' Roll from which comes this song, Sluts Of The USA.......

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