Saturday, 16 August 2014

Groovie Ghoulies - Outbreak

How do you write a classic pop punk song? There must be a knack to it or else everyone would be doing it (actually, loads of people are doing it, or at least attempting to do it, but the majority fail). The best way seems to be keep things simple though like the majority, I'm not blessed with that rare gift of being able to pen a killer tune so what the hell do I know! One guy who is blessed with that gift is Kepi Ghoulie, who along with his wife Roach on guitars and a revolving door of other members, was the main man behind California's Groovie Ghoulies. Taking their name from the 70's tv series and inspired as much by horror and sci fi movies as they were by bubblegum rock n roll (as well as keeping things simple, many of the best pop punk bands seem to be inspired by horror and sci fi themes), they ran from 1983 to 2007 before the fallout from Kepi and Roach's divorce made keeping the band going difficult causing Kepi to go solo. During that time though, the band released an impressive body of work, it wasn't easy to single out just one track for posting but just to demonstrate the talent of creating a classic punk song by keeping things simple, this is from arguably my favourite album of theirs, Fun In The Dark, and is a cautionary tale about keeping your monkey under control. This is Outbreak.......

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  1. I'm definately sharing this Mick. Perfect for a Sunday morning!