Monday 11 August 2014

Top 10 Songs Chosen By Jason Rowland (The Great Dismal Swamis)

A Big thanks today to Jason Rowland for not only selecting his top 10 songs since 1990 (he couldn't manage to select his top 10 of all time as there were too many songs to consider) but for also providing info on them. Jason is vocalist with Norfolk, Virginia garage punk band The Great Dismal Swamis who's new single, Phantom Tollbooth, is reviewed here ( ) and can be heard here ( ).... Their self titled 2013 album is also available name your price from the same address. Without further ado, this is Jason's selection and the song I've chosen as song of the day is his number 1 pick.....

1) Teengenerate "Let's Get Hurt" The Great Teengenerate. Can't go wrong here..could pick a variety of songs from these guys, but this particular track appears on both LPs (Get Action and Smash hits), as well as on 45. They occasionally reunite, released a documentary film in 2013, "Get Action," and still perform around Tokyo with their other bands "Firestarter" and "the Raydios." Turn it ON.

2) M-80s- "57 Nomad" This track was part of the Estrus Gear Box comp, released in 1991. Undoubtably, the M-80s, were one of the most powerful garage punk RNR bands, of the early 90s. They released a few 45s, a full length LP on Get Hip, and The "Red" album (CD) which coincidentally, was Black Lung Records first release. **I very much hope someone or record label reissues this album as a double LP. Listen to this!!!

3) The Points "Rock N Roll No Rules" --- From the Big Action Records split 45 w/ Maaster Gaiden. The Points, from Washington DC/ Virginia, released a few 45s and a full length album. Trashy rock n roll, fueled by untamed energetic savage songwriting, in combination with this machine like thumping backbeat. They have "it" and always will....Real rock n roll. If you were lucky enough to see them perform, then you know why they are on this list.

4) Hex Dispensers "I've Got My Doppelganger On" Again, Texas. From the album, "Winchester Mystery House" Probably one of my favorite records in the last 10 years. Spooky ectoplasm punk rock.

5) Pearl Schwartz "Sweet Seventeen" This is a rarity...but one of my favorite tracks on my favorite record label. "Sweet Seventeen" appears on the Pearl Schwartz 45 on Black Lung Records. Members of the Devil Dogs, 5678s, Jet Boys. Absolutely killer.

6) Candy Snatchers "Drunken Blur" The best band I've ever seen perform. Real rock n roll...punk rock... Whatever. These guys are the real deal. Alive and Dangerous!!! The best.

7) Marked Men "Blew my Head" Texas. This is the final track, off the Marked Men's "Ghosts" LP. I dig their first album the most, and this one gets a pinch too poppy, at times, for my taste, nonetheless, the songs are very well crafted and enjoyably catchy. This track in particular strikes my attention because of the melodic guitar, intertwined with this incredible vocal delivery. Couple of the members, including Mark Ryan, are now in Radioactivity, and have released an album and some 45s, that continue the sonic sounds of the Marked men,

8) The Vicious "Walking Dead" A very short lived band, that released full length LP entitled, "Alienated," and a couple other 45s on Feral Ward. This Swedish band toured the east coast of the USA, and then broke up and members formed Masshysteri. In reality, I find most of the Vicious' tracks interesting, but the "Walking Dead" is on another level.

9) Reatards "Sick When I See" Some people will pledge that "Teenage Hate" was the best LP released by the Reatards, but I lean towards "Grown Up, Fucked Up" as the gem out of all their releases. Regardless, Jay Reatard's vocal patterning on "Sick when I see," make this a classic in my book.

10) Quadrajets "Goin' Down" - Released as a 5" on SFTRI, as well as on a Sub Pop full length LP. Quadrajets, from Alabama, put out a bunch of killer 45s and LP during the 90s. Members went on to do Immortal Lee County Killers. Very under appreciated RNR band.

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