Thursday, 7 August 2014

The Varukers - How do you sleep ?

  Yesterday we had a bit of quality American hardcore punk, today it's Britain's turn to prove we can rock out with the best of them. Coming together in 1979, in Leamington Spa, The Veruccas soon changed their name to the more aggressive sounding The Varukers. Like a number of bands of that era, they took the established template of punk rock and made it a touch heavier. Since then they've produced a solid back catalogue of socially concious political punk rock and played a countless number of gigs to a rabid fanbase. They split in 1989 after most of the band had left to form a new band called Sacrilege, but were reformed in 1991 by founder and vocalist Rat and longstanding guitarist Biff. Despite lending their talents to other bands (Rat to Discharge and Biff to Sick On The Bus) they still found time to tour the world (America, Japan, New Zealand, Australia etc...) and to release plenty of new material, including the 2000's How Do You Sleep? album, from which the title track is featured below.......

Humanitarian crisis, I've seen it on TV
Looking for handouts, looking straight at me

No feelings, no grief, no sense
How do you sleep

I really wonder sometimes with no pennies for the poor
Where they find the millions for senseless fucking war

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