Thursday, 14 August 2014

The Dauntless Elite - Blitzar Radio (Yes I Can Hear You, Clem Fandango)

Before I decided in a moment of boredom to see what this blogging lark was all about I used to post punk music on a football fans forum called wacccoe (where pretty much no one was interested in punk music) and  back in 2007 I made Graft by The Dauntless Elite my album of the year (you can have a listen to it here ). The band are from Yorkshire and got together when a couple of members of Joe Ninety joined forces with a couple from Fig.4.0. Their first release was 2004's Security ep and since then there's been 2 albums (Graft, More Bloody Bad News) and splits with a number of bands including The Because, The Mercury League, Jets Vs Sharks, The Steve Adamyk Band, Rumspringer, Mayflower and Calvinball. Some British bands have singers who try their best to sound American, not this lot though, they sound very much a product of their environment with gruff, proud Yorkshire vocals being very much at the forefront of their melodic punk sound. Not as active as they were a few years back they've still managed to get together long enough to record a new split, with Slow Science, on Bombed Out Records and from it, this is Blitzar Radio (Yes I Can Hear You, Clem Fandango)....

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