Sunday, 24 August 2014

Injections - Prison Walls

"Listen To Your Brother's Calls, Break Down Prison Walls...."

Another classic and wonderfully primitive oldie today, this time by San Diego's The Injections. Formed in 1978 and comprised of Lou Skum (vocals), Bruce Perreault (guitar), Lisa Astin (bass) and Joanne "Piggy Gargoyle" Norris (drums), the band only stayed together for around 3 years and during their lifetime they only released one single (a remastered "lost Album" originally recorded in 1980 but previously unreleased was put out by Italy's Rave Up Records in 2001). The single was given a deserved reissue in 2010 by Last Laugh Records and here's the A side, an impassioned rallying call against incarceration, this is Prison Walls (a free mp3 is available here - ) ......

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