Saturday, 2 August 2014

The Mongrolls - Get Dumb

Today's update is by Middleborough, Massachusetts one man punk thrash/powerpop outfit The Mongrolls. A labour of love by rock n roll fanatic Greg Mongroll (real name Greg Munroe), the band has been churning out off kilter, catchy as hell but scuzzed up records since their inception in 2006 (They were originally a band before Greg ended up going solo). Sounding like he's been dieting on nothing but gravel, Greg's vocals compliment the lo fi rough and ready music perfectly but listen closely and buried beneath the distortion there's some killer tunes that in a better world would be smash hits (some of the songs were smash hits, Greg isn't afraid of tackling classic songs of yesterday year and adding his own unique spin). With the "band" deserving a better intro than I'm giving, I asked Greg to pen a few words, kindly he agreed so it's over to the man himself before I add the title track of his most recent album, Get Dumb ( ).......

Hi, I'm Greg Mongroll. I've been doing The Mongrolls recording project since 2006. I've self released every album (cd-r's) on my own label, Hideout Records. 4 full lengths, 1 'Live' EP and 1 "Fan Club Edition", which is sort of a "Best of..." collection of previously released tunes. I am currently working on mixing down two more full length releases from The Mongrolls, "The Mongrolls Do The Girls" (all cover tunes from female fronted bands from the past and present), and "Smell The Glove Compartment", which is a new album of material. Also, I am currently working with another band I formed, Trademarx. But anyway, my most recent Mongrolls release (from a year ago) is "Get Dumb", and Mick is gonna give us his two cents on that one. Thanks Mick!

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