Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Apologies, I Have None - Concrete Feet

Sat in Vicky Park, let it all out, to a bottle, on a bench. He said "This city is a criminal, a highwayman, a thief. It stole my perseverance, made off with my mental health, dumped me off of Tower Bridge with concrete on my feet and I'm struggling. I'm looking for some guidance, can you spare an ounce of strength so I can take this fucking sorry arse of mine back home to bed?" and the bottle, it said, "Everybody makes decisions they regret sometimes, everyone makes certain judgments based on plans that never seem to find their way to a conclusion. They change tack and double back on promises they made to themselves. But you won't find the answers at the bottle of a bottle, cheap cider never paved the way for any kind of progress to be made but for what its worth there's one thing that I know; You've got to let some parts die to let other parts grow." You'll always make mistakes, you'll always fuck shit up. You'll sometimes make bad choices and blame that shit on bad luck. You will often face decisions that you do not want to make and find your self on paths that you did not mean to take. There is always an answer, there is always a lesson, a lining of silver about every situation and asking for help is not the same thing as failing.

Formed in London in 2004 as a duo comprising of Dan Bond and Josh McKenzie, Apologies, I Have None took their name from a line in a song by Canadian hardcore band Grade. A couple of eps (Done & Two Sticks and SIx Strings) brought them much critical acclaim, a growing fanbase and more than a few comparisons to Against Me! Their escalating success led to them adding PJ Shepherd on bass and Joe Watson on drums and their upward momentum continued with the release of their debut album in 2012 (named London). Original member, Dan Bond, left in February of this year but they're carrying on as a 3 piece and in May released the Black Everything ep. Today's song can be found on their debut album and is called Concrete Feet.......

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