Friday, 15 August 2014

The Minds - Rip Out Your Eyes

I've never been to Portland, Oregon, I'm sure that I'll never get the opportunity to visit but I'm guessing if I ever did that I'd be in danger of tripping over a punk band. There seems to be a factory in Portland that churns out quality bands, today's blog update features one of them. Formed in 2003 and featuring members of a band called The Flip Flops, The Minds featured Joel Jett (aka The Thinker) on vocals, Rob Felkel ( aka Bobby Brains) on guitar, Jesse Elizondo (aka The Cortex) on bass, Cera Bella Palsy on keyboards and Mike Warm (Mikey Mind) on drums. They announced themselves to the world with the double whammy of a single (Rip Out Your Eyes) and an album (Plastic Girls), reviewers at the time were blown away by their infectious, upbeat new wave influenced garage punk. Very much at the forefront of their sound is Cera Bella Palsy's "mind-boggling hypnotic candy keyboard," like a hookworm it'll burrow it's way under your skin. They went on to release a couple more singles, I think they split up and then some of them got back together again in a band called The Thought Patterns but today I'm posting their catchy as fuck debut. Released on the excellent Alien Snatch label, this is Rip Out Your Eyes.....

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