Sunday, 10 August 2014

Pink, Plastic & Panties - Bla-Bla

There's nothing I like more when compiling this blog than discovering a great new band and shouting out loud about how great they are in the hope that others will discover them too. After that, the thing I like most is posting a classic, pretty much forgotten old song that hopefully people haven't yet heard but will quickly fall in love with. Hopefully that will be the case today.

One of my favourite post punk singles is Die/Matrosen/Split by legendary Swiss band Liliput. If you've never heard it you're missing out on one of the greatest records ever released and you need to rectify the situation immediately. Imagine my delight when I discovered another euro post punk single that pretty much matches that peerless release. Pink, Plastic & Panties were an all girl band from The Netherlands whom I know pretty much nothing about. Aside from the one killer single, I think their only other release was a split album (a 1981 collaboration called Rock Tegen De Rollen which also featured tracks by Nixe, Pin-Offs and Removers). The single I'm concentrating on today was released in 1980 on Not On Label. The b side was called Anger and is great ( ), the a side is even better (though I'm guessing it could annoy the shit out of some people!). This is Bla-Bla......


  1. thank you! I was the singer and wrote also songs for the band.
    You can find us also on the LP Venus Weltklang (First International Women's Rock Festival) from 1982!