Friday, 22 August 2014

Top 10 Songs Chosen By Flora Watters (Primetime)

This week, at work, I've been in a different department to where I usually ply my trade and I've been subject to the delights of BBC Radio 1. I'm not really a listener to daytime radio but this week has hammered home to me how bloody awful contemporary commercial music currently is. Maybe I'm looking through rose tinted glasses but I'm sure that when I was part of Radio 1's target audience they at least played a few decent songs? I'd say that maybe it's because I'm too old and my tastes are archaic but fuck that, I think I have good taste so take all your overproduced, sanitised shite Radio 1 and stick it somewhere dark and dank. Personally, if I was controller of Radio 1 there would be a place amongst the dross for quality new music (and that place wouldn't be north of the witching hour where they think no one's awake). There would be a place for the Primetime's of this world, and the Wonk Unit's, The Murderburgers, Cyanide Pills, No Ditching's and all. Be honest readers, would you rather listen to the same old shit or would your pulse actually pick up a little if this new single by Primetime came blasting out of your speakers :

If you like the single as much as I do (it's a contender for my record of 2014), it's available name your price here : .

Anyway, rant over. Moving on to the top 10 favourite ever songs as kindly selected by Primetime's Flora (AX) Watters........

 1) Pussy Galore - Dick Johnson (from Dial M For Motherfucker)

 2) Feral Beat - Cold Lover (from Cold Lover 7")

 3) Alan Milman Sect - Veil Of Strange (from Man-Ka-Zam)

 4) Grown Ups - Actually Bankrupt (from Stopped Caring)

 5) The Spits - Tired And Lonely (from Spits 1)

 6) UV Race - I'm A Pig (from Racism)

 7) Eddy Current Suppression Ring - Insufficient Funds (from S/T LP)

 8) The Intelligence - (They Found Me At The Back Of) The Galaxy (from Everybody's Got It Easy                                    But Me)

 9) Mika Miko - Business Cats (from C.Y.S.L.A.B.F.)

10) 100 Flowers - Contributions (from Drawing Fire)

In an alternative universe where I'm controller of Radio 1, you can have the 10-1 show instead of Fearne Cotton, Flora. Thanks for the chart and thanks for this link to the songs.........

This is the number 1 selection, it's called Dick Johnson and it's by Washington DC's Pussy Galore.....

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