Saturday, 23 August 2014

Chainsaw - What Goes On

1,2,5,7,8......  Ok their ability to count properly might be questionable but there's no doubting Chainsaw's aptitude when it comes to knocking out a killer cover version. Forming in Brussels, Belgium, in 1976 and featuring Jerry Wanker on guitar, Dee Dee on vocals, Micky Mike on bass and Bob Seytor on drums they released just one single. It was the See-saw ep and came out in 1977 on Romantik Records, it featured the songs What Goes On, Nuclear Apocalypse, Kill In The Blanks and Z'Heroes Guts. They didn't last much longer, splitting in 1978, but they deserve a shout out here for their scratchy and rather wonderful version of The Velvet Underground's What Goes On........

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