Monday 4 August 2014

Top 10 Songs Chosen By EarAche Becker (The Plain Dealers)

Today's update is made up of the top 10 songs of Eric (EarAche) Becker, rhythm guitarist/backing vocalist with Cleveland punk 'n' rollers The Plain Dealers ( ). Older readers may remember that Earache was co founder (along with Chic Dagger) of classic '90's punk heroes The T.K.O.'s ( ). Being familiar with his band's back catalogues I was expecting his top 10 to feature some loud, raucous and pretty aggressive punk tunes, I wasn't disappointed....

(The list wasn't numbered so I'll number them in the order they were written, also in his eagerness to fit everything in 11 entries were submitted so we get a bonus track)

 1) Bobby Soxx - Learn To Hate In The 80's

 2) Political Crap - On Your Own

 3) Sex Pistols - No Feelings

 4) The Floyd Band - Responsibility

 5) Naughty Monkey - Dad Song

 6) G G Allin - Commit Suicide

 7) The Pagans - I Stand Alone

 8) AK-47 - The Badge Means You Suck

 9) Starvation Army - Drinkin' Dog

10) Naked Raygun - Last Drink

11) Agent Orange - Bored Of You

Song of the day is by Texas punk rock stalwart Bobby Soxx. Released in 1981 this is Learn To Hate In The 80's....

times running out,chaos is near
everyone's becoming angry with fear
see them rioting in the morning sun
killers mad,fighting young

everyone's learning to hate in the 80's
children and men,even the ladies
preparing to battle unknown enemies
raging mad with torrid hateful disease

survivors will see cities laid waste
bombed burnt out shells left to decay
conquerors will revel in celebration
destruction of order and complete desolation


  1. have not heard this in years. this was a nice wake up tune this morning. thanks!

  2. Thanks for the mention! Bobby was the singer for Stick Men With Ray Guns from 1981-1988 and our live version of Hate in the 80's was recently featured in the AMC series Halt and Catch Fire. Our long out of print album Some People Deserve to Suffer and new live album Rock Against Reagan - Live in Houston have been released for digital download and are now available on iTunes, Amazon MP3, Spotify and other digital outlets. Check them out!

  3. This single was titled just Bobby Soxx, but technically it should have been Bobby Soxx and the Teenage Queers.

  4. In the mid 70s, the two Dirkx brothers who composed the music of the Soxx single, played with drummer Mike O'Donnell, who later played with G.G. Allin. Weird coincidence.