Friday, 2 June 2017

Sick Thoughts - Wasting My Youth


  So it appears that Drew Owen's move from his native US to Helsinki hasn't slowed down his musical output. Not only have we had a number of splits where he's collaborated with the likes of Shitty Life, Die Rotzz and Joni Ekman (I wouldn't be surprised if there's been more that I've missed) he also released the excellent D D Owen album on which as well as the vocals he also contributed guitar, bass, drums and synthesizer ( ).

  Today sees the release, on Neck Chop Records, of a new album. This time he's reverted back to his Sick Thoughts moniker and I'm glad to say that the move to Finland hasn't improved his mood any. He still needs no one, he's young & suicidal, he does what he wants to do so fuck your heart and rot in hell etc.... As he says on the opener, "I'm going nowhere & I don't care." The album's called Songs About People You Hate and as you'd expect it's more of the snotty, bile filled lo-fi garage scuzziness that we've come to know and love.

  Check it out here :

  I could have featured any of the songs on this update, they're all strong enough, but as I'm quite partial to handclaps I'm going with this possibly autobiographical commentary about how he spends his time sitting in his room getting fucked up "can't get a job, can't get girls, I am all alone, I have no life..." (all those songs don't write and record themselves Drew! You ain't wasting fuck all my friend). This is Wasting My Youth....

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