Thursday, 1 March 2018

Masterless Dogs - War At Home


  An aggressive meaty street punk/oi banger for you today. Masterless Dogs are a 4 piece from Edmonton, Alberta who line up with Luke MacKinnon (bass/vocals), Brian Moisan (drums), Ben Disaster (guitar/vocals) and Graeme MacKinnon (guitar/vocals). They've also graced such bands as Wednesday Night Heroes, Real Sickies, No Problem (all whom have previously featured on here), On The Ropes and LAMS  (who haven't).

 They formed in 2016 and last year they released their debut Self Titled ep on Contra Records and you can find it here :

  4 songs, all great. The reviews I've seen compare their sound to the likes of Blitz, Rixe, No Future Records, Riot City Records. Trust me, if you like this kind of music, you'll love Masterless Dogs. Check 'em out.

  This is the opening track from the ep, War At Home....

History Repeats Itself
Feels Like it's 1939
We're standing on the brink of war
Send the children off to die
All for what- some way of life
That keeps us stupid and ill informed
Why fight on some foreign ground
When there's a war at home

War At Home

If you're so quick to die for your country
Then kill yourself today
Misguided hate has sealed your fate
And to me that's such a waste
There's dead veterans who gave their lives
Who are more than just a uniform
Why die on their foreign soil
When there's a war at home


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