Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Grim Deeds - Audrey Has Autism


  It's been less than 4 months since Foster City, California one man band Grim Deeds appeared on this blog with a song from his new album If The Shoe Fits. In many cases that would be it for a couple or more years until new material was recorded and released. Deeds doesn't work to that kind of a lackadaisical timetable though, in those few short months he's already peppered his Bandcamp page with a bakers dozen of new tracks, mostly recorded in his wife's parent's garage and now many of which have surfaced on yet another brand new album. This latest collection of humerous pop punk ditties is entitled Schwing! and it can be found either here : or here :

  Schwing! features an earworm of a cover of They Might Be Giants' Particle Man, a cover of Enemy You's Your Way plus 13 original cuts of off kilter pop punk fun. One of those tracks sees him at his Screeching Weasel/Lillingtons influenced best and is called Audrey Has Autism. Not sure what it is about songs concerning ladies with afflictions but they pretty much all seem to rule......

Her classmates don't know what to make of her 
There's no reason to be afraid of her 
She's just a little weird in social situations 
But she tries to make things just right yeah 

Audrey's has autism, she's on the spectrum 
She wants to live her own life just like you and me 
Audrey's has autism, she's so intelligent 
She's just got peculiarities, woah oh oh oh oh 

She's got a heightened sensitivity 
She tries to read emotions logically 
She goes through her life without getting 
The benefit of the doubt, but she still stands proud yeah


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