Sunday, 25 June 2017

SeepeopleS - New American Dream


  Seepeoples are a long running pop rock band currently based in Portland, Maine.  Featuring singer/songwriter/guitarist Will Bradford, the line up has seen frequent changes over the years but is now a 4 piece also boasting the talents of Ian Riley (bass/vocals), Dan Capaldi (drums/vocals) and Fred Copeman (keyboard/vocals).

  The latest addition to their catalogue of work is the Hate ep. It's the middle release in a related trio of eps (Love/Hate/Live) and it's been causing somewhat of a buzz, partly due to a new promotional video created by Pete List (who's the animator behind MTV's Celebrity Death Match). The video is for the song New American Dream which is a timely reworking of one of the band's older songs (it was originally released during the time of the Bush administration). It deals with the threat to world peace posed by having a bunch of war mongering idiots in charge of  the world's nuclear superpowers.

  This is New American Dream.....

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