Tuesday, 23 November 2021

Covert Flops - Spy School Dropout


  Ok, I admit it. I've kinda fallen out of love with pop punk a little. Is it pop punks fault or is it me? It's probably me as there still seems to be plenty of well received releases coming out but my tastes seemed to have veered in the direction of a more rough and ready sound. There are still some pop punk releases that I'm enjoying though, a couple of days ago I was recommending the Prozacs retrospective and today I'm bring you a song by Covert Flops (https://www.facebook.com/COVERTFLOPS).

  The Indiana 3 piece (Chad (guitar vox), Adam (drums), Billy (Bass vox)) are no strangers to Just Some Punk Songs as I've thought them one of the genres best new bands since I featured Spy Code 492 in March 2019. I wrote "They're one of the kind of pop punk bands I like, ie they sing about fun stuff with horror & sci fi themes. If you like The Lillingtons, Ramones, Queers etc then you'll like these guys." Fast forward to November 2021 and the release of new album Mission: Implausible and nothing much has changed. 

  They're still singing about spies and they're still influenced by The Ramones and The Lillingtons' The Backchannel Broadcast album. They're still lots of fun. The album's available via Mon's Basement Records : https://momsbasementrecords.bandcamp.com/album/covert-flops-mission-implausible

  This track is called Spy School Dropout... 

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