Monday, 8 November 2021

The Ramonas - Injustice System


  Brighton punks The Ramonas ( have just released a video for their song Last Punk In The Village. It's very good and no doubt it'll be getting shared around by plenty of people which is why I'm not featuring it on here today (though I'll post the link as you should check it out : 

  The song is a highlight from their new album, Haphazard, but it's by no means the only "hit." The band (Lisa Lathwell (lead vocals), Maxine Cahill (guitar), Victoria Smith (bass/backing vocals) & Camille Phillips (drums)) are on top form throughout. The lyrics touch on subjects such as the demise of Donald Trump, corruption, sexism, the environment, mental health and Dee Dee Ramone's Rock n Roll Hall Of Fame Speech. Musically, they manage to hit hard but pack in plenty of catchy tunes too. The album's available on cd and digital download whilst a limited edition vinyl release will be available in 2022 on ProRawk records USA. 

  This track is another favourite, it's called Injustice System... 


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