Thursday, 11 November 2021

Dicklord - Don't Tell Me

(photo : Lachlan Douglas @somefx)

  We stay in Australia today for a song off another cool new album. It's by Byron Bay punks Dicklord (, a band that featured on here a couple of years ago when I described them as a sounding like a mix up of L7 and Amyl And The Sniffers ( 

  Since then they released a very enjoyable debut album titled It's Sooooo Boring before drip feeding us a triumvirate of singles which have led up to lp number 2, Pre Menstrual Attitude. 

  Boasting a dozen songs which mix anger and humour, it's the sound of a band that are pissed off but not po faced. It's not for the faint of heart but let's face it, if you were faint of heart you wouldn't be a Just Some Punk Songs visitor. It's available on vinyl and cd here and digital here : 

  This track is called Don't Tell Me... 

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