Thursday, 11 November 2021

Aborted Tortoise - Stage Banter


  Forming in a Perth high school in 2013 by 3 friends, Aborted Tortoise's ( expanded line up features Connor Lane (Vocals), Tom Milan (Guitar), Charles Wickham (Guitar), John Peers (Bass) and Alex Patching (Drums). They featured on here last year with a track from the Scale Model Subsistence Vendor ep ( 

  They return today having just released a new album titled A Album. It was recorded in 2018 but is just being unleashed, it's another winner from down under and it's available from Bargain Bin Records (Aus), Under The Gun Records (US) or Bachelor Records (Europe). You can get it on vinyl (black or yellow) and digital download :

   It's hectic garage influenced punk with songs about about "bees, the Goosebumps book series, Coles Minis, getting blasted into the sun and being born." It's a fun listen and a worthy companion on your record shelves to some of the other great recent Aussie releases by bands such as Stiff Richards, Alien Nosejob, The Chats, Private Function, Disco Junk, Civic etc... 

  This is my favourite track at the moment, it's called Stage Banter... 

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