Monday, 15 November 2021

Klobber - Only In It For The Beer


  Klobber ( are from Madrid and have recently released an excellent album titled Clap Time! from which I've played a couple of tracks on recent Just Some Punk Songs shows. The album is available from local label Take The City Records and the label describes them as Madrid's best punk band. Admittedly I'm not an expert on Madrid punk music and I'd suggest that maybe Accidente would be contenders for that crown but I'd certainly advise you to have a listen and make up your own minds. It's available on black or red vinyl and digital download :


  The Bandcamp page throws up comparisons with the likes of Zero Boys, Adolescents, The Clash & Circle Jerks. Classic punk rock influenced by some of the genre's greats. Subjects covered include white privilege, the power of the media, addiction and life during the pandemic. They're not just in it for the beer, they're a band with plenty to say. They've got some damn good tunes too. 

  My favourite track on the album is the Clash influenced Easy Life but this is the new video, the song's called Only In It For The Beer...  

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